Bangla meatballs

Bangla meatballs

To make meatballs 1 lb ground beef, chopped
Onion 1 cup, chop green chilli 2 tbsp, ginger paste 2
Tbsp, garlic paste 2tbsp, cumin powder 2 tsp, all
Spice powder 1tsp, coriander leaves 2 tbsp, salt to taste,
Bred crumb 100gm, flour 50gm, to make sauce
Salt 3/4 cup apple juice, 1 tsp dark sesame oil, 2
Tsp white vinegar, 1 tsp dark sesame oil, 1tsp
Grated fresh ginger, 1 1/2 tsp hot chilli-garlic sauce


Mix all the ingredients with ground deef. Then
make them like balls. After bake all the meatballs
in a fry pan until
browned and cooked.
Bring all the sauce
ingredients to a boil
over medium heat
once the meatballs
are cooked, place
them in a serving
dish and pour the
sauce over.

achar ghost

achar ghost

Mutton (small pieces), 1 kg yogurt, 1/2 kg tomato paste, 1
Cup ginger & garlic paste, 1 tablespoon red chilli powder &
Salt to taste, green chili 50grms, cooking oil 3/4 cup,
ACHAR MASALA, kalunji, saunf, 1 tsp zeera, methi seeds

Marinate meat with ginger, garlic. Chilli powder, salt & yogurt
for 2 hrs. heat the oil, add meat & fry till oil separate from
masala. Add sufficient water, cook on low heat till meat is
tender. Grind achaar masala and mix in it 1 tsp salt. Slit
green chillies from one side in lengh, take out
seeds and stuff with ground achaar masala. When
water dries frome the meat,
add tomato paste, arrange
stuffed chillies in the centre
of the cook meat and
sprinkle rest of achaar
masala on top and put for
dam on low heat till chillies
get tender.

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